State farmers get relief from accident at one lakh increased to 2 lakh

The Government of Gujarat has launched a scheme to provide insurance cover in case of accidental death / permanent sickness to the occupied farmers of the state from the auspicious day of January 7,  This scheme is a 5% State Government sponsored scheme.  In this scheme, the insurance premium is paid by the state government on behalf of all the farmers in the state.  This scheme has been implemented under the Gujarat Collective Group Janata Accident Insurance Scheme through the Director of Insurance, Gandhinagar, since 1/4/2008

The main objective of this scheme is to provide financial assistance to the hereditary farmer, any offspring (son / daughter) of the landholder farmer as well as his heirs in case of accidental death or permanent loss of land.

Who can get help:

In case of accidental death or permanent disability of any offspring (son / daughter) and spouse of the tenant farmer who owns the land in individual or joint name, the beneficiary is entitled to benefit in the scheme.

 Key Terms
  • The deceased or permanently handicapped person should be the occupant farmer (holding land in individual or joint name) or the offspring farmer (son / daughter) or spouse of the tenant farmer.
  • Death or permanent disability is due to an accident.
  • Suicide or natural death are not included in this plan.
  • The age of the deceased or permanently disabled person should be 8 to 8 years.
  • Application should be made in the office of the concerned District Agricultural Officer within 150 days.
Revised Assistance Standard

  • The following insurance assistance will be available to the beneficiary with the amendment resolution dated 1/4/5 of the Department of Agriculture, Farmer Welfare and Cooperation.
  • In case of death or permanent complete disability due to an accident, 5% of the writing amount will be Rs.  1.5 million
  • In case of loss of two eyes / two limbs / hands and feet / one eye and one limb due to the accident, 5% of the writing amount will be Rs.  1.5 lac
  • In case of loss of one eye or limb due to an accident, 5% of the article is Rs.  1.5 million
The following persons will be in succession as the heirs of the beneficiaries under the scheme.
  • I. Spouse: In their absence
  • II.  Their child / daughter: In their absence
  • III.  Their parents: In their absence
  • IV.  His grandchildren: in the absence of the said I, II, III
  • V. Unmarried or widowed or divorced sister based on and living with the beneficiary
  • VI.  Except for the above case and in the disputed case the heirs declared under the heirs applicable to the respective beneficiary.

How to get benefit of this scheme
  • In case of accidental death, the heirs of the landlord and in case of accidental disability shall apply to the landlord within a period of 7 days from the date of death.  Applications received after 7 days will not be valid.
List of Documents Required to Attach a Claim Application:
  •  Application of Fixed Sample Application for Accidental Death / Permanent Disability Insurance Aid
  • 7/12, 8-A, Village Sample No.1 (Rights Rule) (Certified Extract after Death Date)
  • P.M.  Report
  • FIR, Panchnama Report, Police Inquest Panchnama or Court Order
  • Death Certificate of Death, Proof of Age
  • Report on the Case Approval by the Subdivisional Magistrate
  • Photograph of Medical Board / Civil Surgeon's Certificate showing disability and postcard size showing disability in case of permanent complete disability.
  • If the deceased is driving at the time of accident, his valid driving license,
  • Guarantee sheet
  • Generation name
  • Original family name in case of heirs (in case of non-heirs)
  • As sought by the Director of Insurance
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