Photo Editor - VHS, glitch effect, vaporwave APK Download Free 2020

About the app:

Showcase your photographs with 100+ glitch effects, VHS, stylish and vapor stickers

Error Photograph Editorial Manager offers amazing VHS, glitch effects and vapor wave effects to impress your photographs in creative ways.  It also has various retro, vintage channels and delicious stickers.  With just a basic faucet, you can create a simple photograph in one kind of photography craft.

Using error to show off your taste and frame of mind, splash more fans and gimmicks on social media!  

  • Glitch Effects and VHS Trippy Effects
  • VHS, RGB, Trippy, Error, GB, Granny, Fisheye
  • Neon, Negative, Old Television, Pixel, Twirl, Scanline, Cheating…
  • Unclear error to cover photograph errors
  • Effectively modify degree, size, irregular effect
Sticker sticker
  • 100+ stickers in digital punk and future punk style
  • Zip, Delicious Statue, Windows 95, Pixel Game ...
  • Helucinogenic superb ingredients and content stickers
Filters for pictures and retro photograph effects
  • Lomo, PINK, Vignette, Regular, Hot, Mist, Dim, Cocoa…
  • Vintage photograph effects give you back to the 80s, 90s
  • Change brightness, variation, immersion, tint, warmth and more.
Trippy Photograph Proofreader

Trippy Photograph Proofreader allows you to add cool trippy effects to your photographs.  Start your adventure touring with these trippy effects.  If you are a vapor wave style fanatic, you cannot avoid this trippy photograph proofreader.

Retro Photograph Editorial Manager

The retro pattern returned once again.  The Retro Photograph Editorial Manager gives you a great set of vintage photograph effects and retro channels to help you get back when we are happy and young.

Error photograph editorial manager

The Error Photograph Editorial Manager blends well with the old-fashioned and current computerized styles.  Its glitch effect, vapor sticker and hallucinogenic ingredients bring extra visual clashes, making your photographs an eye-catcher on Instagram.

90's Photograph Editorial Manager

Error Photograph Editorial Manager is likewise a retro photograph proofreader and 90's photograph supervisor.  The growth and vintage photography effects of film channels make your photographs look like those taken by an old camera.  Download this 90s photograph supervisor and freeze your minutes nostalgically.

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