Make Free Kisan Credit Cards! The Modi government has made this charge

The Modi government has taken a big step in providing relief to farmers.  All the processing fees (KCC Waive off Processing Fees other Charges), which are made for Kisan Credit Card (KCC-Kisan Credit Card) to pay only at 4% interest rate for cultivation, eliminated the inspection and leisure folio charges.  Have left.  If a bank still charges this from the farmer, it may be prosecuted.  There is a loan of up to Rs 3 lakh under this.  Earlier, a loan of Rs 1 lakh was given without guarantee, which has been increased to 1.60 lakh.

Learn about Kisan Credit Cards
  • If you have land for cultivation, you can get a loan without having to pledge your land.  The limit was one lakh rupees.  But now the RBI has increased the limit of unsecured agricultural loan to 1.60 lakh.
  • Livestock and fisheries farmers will also benefit from the KCC at a rate of 4 per cent up to a limit of Rs 2 lakh per farmer so that the farmers will be exempt from the lenders.
  • At present, 7,02,93,075 farmers have KCC.  To bring maximum number of farmers under the KCC, the government has launched a campaign to create KCC of farmers with the help of banks.  The order within which the application is made is simple and includes the order to submit the KCC within 14 days from the date of receipt of the form.
How to get an agricultural loan at a rate of 4 percent

  • The interest rate for agriculture is thus 9%.  But the government subsidizes 2 percent of it.  Which falls under 7 percent.  But with timely repayment, there is a 3 percent discount.  Under this the rate remains only 4 percent for honest farmers.  No lender can provide loans to anyone at such a cheap rate.  That is why if anyone wants to get a loan for farming, the bank should go and get a Kisan Credit Card.  So you get a loan up to Rs 3 lakh.
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