LRD Controversy Detail

Gujarat's Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel's meeting with representatives of the non-reserve category has been completed to resolve the LRD reserve circular.

After the meeting, Nitin Patel said, "Non-reserved category representatives have described their problems to us." We will present these matters to Chief Minister Rupani.

Dinesh Bambhania said that state legislators should cast their votes by 4 pm.

Gujarat's Chief Minister Rupani will make the final decision.  On the other hand, Dinesh Bambhania, a representative of the non-reserved category, said the meeting with the government has been positive.  The decision will be taken by the Chief Minister.  Our movement is currently underway.

Earlier, 254 women who had passed the LRD exam yesterday reached the high court and demanded a letter of appointment from the state government.

"If the government does not accept our demand, we will get on 120 days fast," Dinesh Bambhania said.  Police arrested Raj Shekhawat and Dinesh Babbania of the Karani army.  However, they were released shortly afterwards.

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