If you have a gas cylinder in your home, be aware of these rules

If a gas agency does not deliver a cylinder to your home, you will need to go to the gas agency to get the cylinder.  In this case, if you have to go to an agency godown to get a cylinder, you can get a fixed amount from the agency.  If you are aware of this rule, no agency can disallow you.  In fact, the fixed cost of a gas cylinder from the companies also includes the amount of home delivery.  But if the agency does not do home delivery then you have the right to receive this charge.
  • If the gas agency does not deliver you to the cylinder home, you should realize that the agency charges you 19 rupees 50 paise for it.
  • If you go to Godown and bring your own cylinder, you can ask for this money back.  And no agency can refuse to refund this amount.
  • This amount is charged to you as a delivery charge.  If an agency refuses to refund you the amount of the delivery charge, you may also complain.
  • If any agency refuses to give you this amount you can complain at toll free number 18002333555.
Two conditions of insurance :
  • Let you know that each LPG customer has insurance up to Rs 5 lakh from the respective company.  There are two conditions for this insurance.  For this, no customer has to pay any extra monthly premium.  In case of an accident with gas cylinder, 40 lakh under first condition and Rs 50 lakh under second condition, the agency has to pay.

40 lakhs claim :
  • LPG Cylinder If you have an accident in your house or reputation, you can claim up to 4 million insurance.  On the other hand, up to Rs 5 lakh can be claimed if a person is killed by a cylinder burst.  In cases of such misfortune, each victim is entitled to compensation of up to Rs. 10 lakhs.
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