How much amount you can get on a ration card ?

Normally every citizen of the country living within the state has the right to get a ration card.

Individual coupons are printed on all items accessible to card holders on a bar-shaped coupon sheet of A-8 size.  And on those coupons the card holder's name, the card number, the name of the shopkeeper to receive the amount from the store, all the details such as the amount of commodities available for that month, price, etc. are also displayed.

For this, the head of the family has to give complete details in the form prescribed by the state government in the prescribed form, along with supporting evidence in the office of the Taluka Mamlatdar / Zonal Officer of their area.  As per the provisions of Citizen Charter, Taluka Mamlatdar Shri / Zonal Officer inspected the applicant's application and checked the location of the applicant and decided the category of card;  Under the barcoded ration card scheme, the card holder should visit the e-gram / cyber café based on their biometric details to get the barcoded coupons of the bulk of the commodities available to suit their card category.

 The state government will pay the coupon for Rs.  W / - has been fixed.  The cardholder's copy is also printed on the middle of the coupon sheet.  Whereas the barcoded coupon on both ends of the A / 9 size paper sheet is required to be cut, as per the requirement, the amount printed on the coupon is to be paid to the shopkeeper / kerosene agent / feria at a reasonable price.  In addition to the barcode coded ration card, the quantity of essential commodities received during the month of that year has to be recorded as well.  In the coming days, barcoded ration card holders are also under consideration to provide arrangements for the quantity of essential commodities available at any reasonable price shop.

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