Hello Trump / Donald Trump is about to arrive on the field Learn about Motorola Stadium A to Z

The stadium is the only company to build the Statue of Unity.

The stadium was built by Larson Ant Brulo (L&T).  L&T Company began construction work in March 2017.

Ground ready in 3 years

The stadium has been completed in a period of 3 years.  There are a total of 11 pitches on the stadium grounds.  11 Peaches are prepared by saliva and black soil.

The cost of construction of the new stadium will be Rs.  800 crores
The stadium is designed by architect firm Populus.  Populus also designed the Melbourne Cricket Stadium.  The cost of construction of the new stadium will be Rs.  800 crores.
The stadium also has 4 dressing rooms, an Olympic size swimming pool, 3 modern dressing rooms and 3 practice grounds.

2 cricket grounds for practice other than the main field

The stadium will also have a squash area, table tennis area.  3D stadiums have also been arranged in the stadium.  The stadium also has 55 rooms, 76 corporate boxes.  An indoor cricket academy has also been set up inside the stadium.

A huge parking lot has been built at the Motorra Stadium

The stadium features 4000 cars, 20 thousand two-wheel parking.  The match can be enjoyed in any corner of the stadium.  No pillar has been kept in the stadium.

All the spectators will see the shot played by the player in the stadium.

Equipped with music and lighting

The entire stadium is equipped with BOSS's music system.  LED lights are replaced by flood lights in the ground.  The height of the flood lights is 90 meters in the field.

The drainage system is amazing, ready to field in half an hour even in the rain

There are 3 entrances made to enter the ground.  A sub-surface drainage system is created below the ground floor.  The sub-surfaced drainage system will help in the event of rainfall.  In the event of rain, the field can be ready again in 30 minutes.

Advanced facility for injured players

The injured players can be treated inside the stadium.  Physiotherapy system-hydrotherapy system is also available inside the stadium.  Visitors will find the Metro 300 to 400 meters away from the stadium.

Another game can be played simultaneously with cricket

Multiple games can be played in the same field at the Motorra Stadium.  Apart from cricket, football, hockey, volleyball can be played in the stadium.  Games like basketball, tennis, badminton can be played in the stadium.

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