Get a driving license in 1 hour, no need to wait

In today's life, people get everything done soon.

This decision was taken in view of the difficulties of the people

You no longer have to stand in the long line for a learning driving license at the RTO office.  Learning driving license tests will be conducted on touch screen kiosks such as ATMs.  A blueprint for major improvements to transport services has been made.  Where Transport Services plans to be organized like a passport office.  If all goes well, you'll get a license in less than 1 hour after you pass the driving license test from April.

According to the media report, the new agency will be entrusted with the responsibility of replacing the Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (Demat's), which is looking at licensed RC services in the RTO office.  Consultants have been appointed to the International Level Company for this.

Different counter for women in each office:
After the implementation of the new system, the applicant will get a token and will be informed the waiting time.  Each RTO office will have a help desk.  After receiving the token, you will be informed about which counter to go to.  The token number will be shown on the TV screen.  You will then be tested on the touch screen for your learning license.  Each office will have a separate counter for women.

Tests will now take place in four languages ​​as well:
Currently this test is conducted in Hindi and English.  Tests will now be conducted in Punjabi and Urdu as well.

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