Alert! This app is being stolen from your bank information, just so much work to save

At the present time, in the race for digitalization, everything goes online.  So, on the one hand, people's work is made easier, on the other hand, even a little mistake becomes a big threat to you.  In which the banking sector is rapidly adapting to the digital age.  At the same time, with the growing number of smartphones in the hands of the people, the digital age has taken wings.

Now people are being able to transact any amount of money from anywhere through smartphones and online shopping can be done anytime.

That is because the digital option for payment is open.  Fraud has also increased due to the increasing currency of digital.  So you need to be very cautious when making payments online.  So let's know some ways you can help prevent Fraud.

Here are some ways to avoid banking fraud

First of all, do not share your bank zip code, password with anyone and beware of false messages

Whenever doing an online transaction, always check that the Internet connection is password protected.  Never pay online through free Wi-Fi and cybercafe.

E-mails are often sent to trick you.  This e-mail will indicate that a personal information is always requested through a bank or a shopping website.  Clicking on its link opens a fake website.  As soon as you enter your user ID and password, information about your mobile number, login in ID, password, debit card, credit card is immediately hacked.

Fraudsters often share QR codes on Whatsapp.  At the same time, the message also says that as soon as it is scanned, the money will come into your account.  This feature of QR is present in some UP Apps.  That way no one will ever share the card number, PIN and OTP on any QR code.

Other than that, some hackers use your SIM to commit fraud.  So they get OTP.  They want a SIM card number from you to activate your SIM as a mobile company customer care, but always remember not to reply to any messages that say no
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If the fraudster asks you to use a screen sharing app, this app is a type of malware.  Which helps in accessing your mobile data to third parties.  Remember, do not install any screen share app such as Screenshare, Anydesk, Teamviewer.

Also, the fraudster may want to account for details of your complaint by becoming a false bank official on social media.  That is why remove the phone number from the bank's official site and contact them.

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